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Development Grant

The 2015-2016 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council members voted, unanimously, to develop and give other student organizations in the college financial aid through a development grant. The 2013-2014 Council awarded 3 deserving organizations the first COALS Council grant in the spring of 2014. The total amount given between the 3 organizations were over $6,000.


As part of the Council’s mission to unify and serve students by encouraging personal development, the Council has created this grant as a resource for other student organizations. The intended purpose of the grant is to help students further develop their organizations and the college by organizing events, activities and conferences that they would not have had the means to do so financially without the use of the additional funding from the grant.



Applications may be submitted by student organizations in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Funding may only be awarded for the same project or activity (1) time. An organization may only receive (1) C.O.A.L.S. Council Development Grant per academic year.



The student organization shall submit a completed application addressing each of the criteria listed below and a detailed budget; applications must be signed by both the student organization's leader and advisor.

  • Applications are limited to (1) page.

  • Applications must include the budget sheet for the intended project/activity 

  • No more than (1) grant per organization per academic year will be given.

  • After a selected organization uses the money, a detailed picture PowerPoint presentation is required at the next C.O.A.L.S. Council business meeting.

   Grant Applications are OPEN for the Fall 2023 Semester. Applications must be submitted via email to no later than November 20, 2023 at 11:59 PM. 

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