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If You Know You Know: The Hidden Gems of West Campus

You walk the halls and bike between buildings all the time, but how well do you really know Texas A&M’s West Campus? Here are a few hidden gems you should totally check out:


Ok, so maybe this place isn’t so hidden, but it is quite the walk away from buildings on West Campus. Located behind the Agrilife Building, the Leach Teaching Gardens is a great place to reconnect with nature. The Gardens have everything from a wine grape vineyard and citrus grove to water features that make for a relaxing visit. They even have planted a second Century Oak. Probably most prominent in the Gardens is the pavilion that hosts many events throughout the year such as the COALS Christmas Celebration of the Wreaths we had this past December!

If you’re ever needing a place to relax and hang out, check out this outdoor venue.


We all know and love the Century Tree on Main Campus, but did you know an older tree exists on West Campus? It’s located in the atrium in the Horticulture and Forestry Science Building. However, it’s not alive, not even close. This massive cross-section of redwood that hangs on the back wall of HSFB dates back to the year 1476 and is a great marvel of nature.


Speaking of relaxing, if you are looking for a good place to nap on campus, go no further than the leather chairs and couches in Kleberg. Not only are they characteristic of the animal science building and add a homey feel to the place, but they are very comfortable. You just have to stop in at the right time to claim a seat (which is normally during class), because they are highly sought after!


One tucked-away place also unique to Kleberg is its sensory research lab. Located in a room on an upper floor, panelists are literally paid to taste steak and other foods. While the “tasters” must go through a qualification process and up to twelve months of training, the flexible hours and free food make it well worth the investment. Plus, it’s all done in the name of science.


Fresh out of meat in your fridge and don’t want to battle the crowds at H-E-B? The Rosenthal Meat Market has you covered. Harvested and packaged in the same building, the meat you purchase in Rosenthal is perfect for your next cook-out. If you need a snack on the go, ask for a sausage wrap and Big Red. Just don’t forget to buy a package of their world-famous beef jerky on the way out.


We all probably grew up to our parents telling us to eat our fruits and vegetables. What if you wanted to have a hand in actually growing them? The Howdy Farm allows you to do just that! Located directly behind the Horticulture and Forestry Sciences Building, this student-run organic, sustainable farm accepts volunteers to help grow produce that later becomes available for sale to the community at the Brazos Valley Farmers Market near downtown Bryan.

If the spring semester is taking a toll on you or you just want to go on a fun adventure, consider visiting one, if not all, of these hidden gems. If you didn’t know just how cool Texas A&M’s campus was west of the railroad tracks, you do now!

Cory Sinkule

Class of 2023

Agricultural Sciences

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